Thursday, 31 March 2011

Τhe Salamander and the Slayer.

I just love terminators! I remember my first game back in the third edition with a list sporting 10 terminators armed with Storm Bolters and Power Fists. It was a disaster of course, and my first games were crushing defeats, but still the Tactical Dreadnought Armoured breathren are still one of my favourite models.

In contrast to the ultimate protection a Terminator enjoys, a Slayer has none. As a matter of fact he needs none. He is a Slayer and his job isn't to survive the battle. His job is to slay the biggest enemy, the scariest creatures, or die trying. This model is another from my roommate's army. It took me only a couple of hours to complete.

Monday, 28 March 2011

A crusher with Extra ''Tallents''

The Ogres BattleForce is an ideal way to start an Ogre's Kingdom Army. It gives you a regiment of 6 Bulls with full comand, a regiment of 4 IronGuts with full command also, a regiment of 4 LeasBelchers and a Gnoblar regiment. A great value for points box.

Of cource with it you get dozens of small bits to customize your own models and give character to your regiments.

So let me introduce you to my Bull's Regiment Crusher, Mr Male. The A Male! Mr A male as his name suggests is the one who mates with the female Ogres. He is the pretty boy (If you can call an Ogre pretty that is) who mates with the widows of the Ogres who died in battle or hunt. This helps the tribe to grow when a raid doesn't go so well. With this role on the tribe society the males don't have to fight over the females of the late slain Ogres and this way the loss doesn't increase.

Mr Male has to protect his pretty face in order to be desireable. So, when he goes to war he is clad with a fine and rust-free Helmet in order to avoid Face-scars that will ruin his image. Also, he protects his genitals with a clean Gutplate.You see, Mr A Male is good as far his ''talents'' are intact. His private Gnoblars are taking great care of this particular wargear keeping it clean (The fear of an infection is great).

The rest of his weapons are not so important to his role as A Male so it can be as rustfull as the rest of its tribe.

So that was Mr A Male! His Helmet is a spare helmet from the IronGuts sprue.

This Tatoo signifies his role in the Tribe.

His Gutplate has some extra chainmail armour to better protects his "talents".

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Brettonians an old Project with strange Fluff.

Αnother long forgoten project this time, Brettonians. I own a largre and greatly unpainted army. I had painted few models but I was not pleased with the result. I put the project ''on hold'' for a couple of years and I came up with this painted pegasus knight today.

I am pleased with the results but I found out in despair that I don't remember where the shields are.

For all of you who are familiar with the Warhammer 40.000 lore I am sure that you know the Dark Angels Heresy. You know that when the Primarch Lion el Johnson returned from the great crusade he was met not in glory but with missiles. The gods of chaos in order to save the traitor Dark Angel companies teleported them and scattered them in space and time.

So here is my fluff, a Dark Angel Traitor Company born and bred in Caliban, old brothers of the ''Order''. After the destruction of the planet Caliban the Dark gods teleported them in the planet of the WarHammer Fantasy World. The company kept the old colours of the order's ''Dark Green'' and the old livery. Now this Company of Astartes serves as an elite strike force under the orders of the Brettonian King.

So, the Knights of the realm and the Pegasus Knights will be clad in the Dark Angels Green and the Heroes and Grail Knight will be clad in Black.

I know full well that an army looking like that will be an eyesore for every Fluff-Nazzi Geek out there but I think I' ll manage.

More details about the Fluff as i paint and present more models.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

26....27....28 Jump Packs

Τhe Angels Sanguine Project is still alive and kicking. Another model is added to the Army, this time a melta gun will bring the so much needed Anti Tank firepower the army needs.
Apart from my 1500 and 1750 competitive list I paint, I still have in mind a ''Descent of Angels'' roster with no less than 40 Jump Packers. This model is the 28th Jump pack equiped model, characters not included, so I still have 12 to go. After the completion of this ''B'' Project I am planning to do a Full Death Company 1750l list.
So I still have work to do.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Piece by Piece.

With fiive more High Elves Archers complited I am very pleased to present you with my Elven force.

Do you like the dragon? It's not painted by me but by a friend. Thoedore is a calm person and a really talented painter especially when it comes to the white colour. I gave him a commition three years ago and honestly he put his heart onto the model. He finished my dragon in a few weeks making me a great masterpiece. There are no words to describe how happy I am with the finished model.

With this beautifully painted centerpiece I collect and paint the rest of my force piece by piece, taking my time as my display cabinet is filled with great looking models.

THANK YOU Mr Dickson

Saturday, 19 March 2011

A late birthday present.

Panagiotis is my roommate and a close friend. On his birthday I presented him with a plastic boxed set of a dwarven war machine. He was pleased with the present but he asked me to paint it for him. I didn't mind but I explained to him that i allready had enough projects and it would take me a lot of time. He didn't mind about it. It took me about 5 months but here it is. Happy Birthday Panagiotis, may you smite the enemy's ranks like ... like a Dwarven warmachine of doom with too many barrels.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Angels Sanguine Αssault Marine

Αnother one.
Well, with the point increase to the Throne of Skulls Tournaments my careful plan of the Angels Sanguine Project needs a small revision. I need 5 more astartes and I plan to take my time painting them.
I'll try something new for me this time. Combat Damage. You see, till now all my miniatures were clean and neat. For the last 5 models I will try some combat damage on them.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Transition to Pistol

It was about time for me to paint something for my Empire army so I got my self a juicy box of HandGunners. I gave some more pose this time. The first one is a plain looking citizen firing his handgun. He is looking down his sights trying to make every shot ''count''. The other model (Lets call him Sam) is posed doing a ''transition to pistol''. Whats that?

Every Soldier worth his salt knows that in some occasions and especially in short range firefights when their riffles go ''click'' and with that I mean empty or even worse jam, it's way quicker to draw their pistol than try reloading in the middle of a firefight. This way they are still a deadly threat buying themselves precious time to find cover and reload or unjam their riffle relatively in safety.

So immagine for a momment, Sam and his buddies having fired their shots at the enemy charging unit. After the smoke clears he finds out that a single enemy survived his fusillade and he is ready to split his head in two. Calmly he lets the riffle sit on his shoulder and with his free hand he picks up his loaded pistol. He only has one shot. Will he make it? Will Sam and his buddies make it?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I am the Hammer.

I am the Hammer.
I am the Right Hand of the Emperor.
The Isntrument of His Will
The Gauntlet about His Fist.
I am the Edge of His Sword.
The Tip of His Spear.
I am the the Bane of the Heretics
And the Woes of the Treacherous
I am the END....

I finaly made it.I am really pleased with the final result of the grey knight test model.The black Shoulder Guards and BackPack really made the model shine (IMHO).  

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A lone Necron Destroyer.

A friend from the past this time.A Destroyer from the Necron range came to visit my PaintStation all the way back from 2004

This small model is the epitome of the word ''PLAIN'' i mean it was costing 50points to field one.Thats it.No upgrades , no characters , no differnt profiles.Simply a 50 points model.The painting was ''PLAIN'' too.I remember i painted a Necron Battleforce in a week.I just took a bright silver colour spray and that was all.I added some details (Eyes , a quick black was and a mithril silver drybrush) and i was done.

The modeling was a nasty work.The hands are not easily glued.The whole model is a problem to glue.I really hated the prospect of building more models.

So this model was siting on the White ''Models to Come'' Box along with a Necron Lord, a Necron Warrior Squad and 10 Immortals for some 6 whole years.This time I will give some more love to those models.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Τhe Tau project

This week Ι picked up another failed project. It was one of my old XV8 Crisis BattleSuit. It was lying broken and unsused begging for some love and a place to the display cabinet. It was like that.

I magnetised the Shoulder Sections to acommodate the magnetized weapon system of my current project Ι pinned the missing hand, I removed the head section with a new one. Some paint later it looked like that.

 Now, my Sa'cea XV8 Crisis Force looks like that.
  I think I like the urban terrain bases better. So, the only thing missing is common basing.