Tuesday 18 March 2014


One more Centurion is ready to blast the enemies of mankind to smithereens. I really like the Stormlords Project so far, that's why I will spend more time finishing a 1850p roster! Even if there is a Cygnar Stormwall Collosal model that tells me otherwise!!!

Tuesday 11 March 2014


It's true that the Command Squad I painted for my Dark Angels was a little toο friendly. The unit's loadout was a huge point sink, so I bought a veteran squad from Ebay for just few euros. The models were undercoated and assembled, something really good for a lazy guy like me! It only took me few minutes to re-arm my new veterans with plasma guns !I hope you all like them!

Sunday 23 February 2014


I found these models in the ''failed project box''. These models were not fitting in a chapter I was collecting, so I gave them a try in the Storm Lord project. I hope you like them!

Wednesday 19 February 2014


The XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is one of my favoured Citadel's Plastic kits! I feel excited everytime I get a new model. I extensively search the blogsphere and Google to find a new way to model or even paint some new detail on my new model. So, here is the third XV8 Crisis Battlesuit for my Farsight Enclaves collection! I hope you all like it.!

Saturday 15 February 2014


The Cygnars are dominating my painting sessions! This time I painted a Strormblade Unit to acompany my Stormclad Warjack! I purchased a whole unit incuding Weapon and Unit Attachments. I even took a solo Stormblade captain! I have no idea if the latest aditions are any good but I am going to find out the hard way!

Sunday 9 February 2014


I finished the Defender heavy warjack and immediately put it to good use! Defender is my favoured warjack thus far! Armed with a long range high yield cannon is able to dominate most of the table! Add now the ''Snipe'' spell of pStryker and you have a high value asset at your disposal! I really love this model and I will put it to good use!
The Squire on the other hand is a small but cute model! I haven't used it yet as I still use the Journeyman for ''focus management'' but I believe it will find a place in my bigger rosters!

Wednesday 5 February 2014


I have to admit! The Storm Lords Project is tough! Every model is taking forever to be complete and even then I feel that I could do better! Never the less the feel of a finished squad is amazing! It gives me great joy to stand back and watch my army grow with every model. But enough of this! The Devastator Centurions are ready to take the field and wreak havoc to heavy infantry and tanks alike with their Grav Cannons. Think you could swamp them with light infantry? Guess again! Armed with a twin linked hurricane bolter each, to come near them could be fatal! Eighteen bolter rounds could ruin the day of any mob foolish enough to come near. I will really treasure this new addition! I hope you all like them!