Sunday, 21 August 2011

Grey Knights Paladin with Nemesis Falchions and a friend from the past

I finished the 6th Terminator for the 1750p roster I currently have. Honestly I really think that the Nemesis Force Weapons I paint are getting better and better. Αlso, this time I present my old Grey Knight Dreadnought armed with Twin Las Cannons and a Missile Launcher. It will get some more love in the form of  the formidable ''Mortis'' pattern Twin AutoCannons armament.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice indeed. The falcions are almost immaculate. And the rest of the highlights are subtle and neat. The cloth also is very good even though I'd prefare a red colour for it. Some of the metallic parts of the armour look a bit dull though (from what I can see in the pic) so you could maybe further shade/highlight to bring out the details. And I am still not loving the black rim of the bases but I am nitpicking now. Well done.