Sunday, 27 February 2011

StormRaven Gunship

StormRaven at last! 
Fast as lightning and heavily armed . Trully Death's Chariot of destruction. Emperor show mercy to the enemies of man because I will not.
Armed with 4 Missiles with unlimited range, a selection of turret and chin mounted heavy weapons and the option of hurricane bolters, this model is what we fairly name ''GUNSHIP''!
This model is UGLY for sure, but hey, name a real life gunship that you can call beautifull. AH64 apache, Mi-24 Hind, AH1 cobra are all Helicopter Gunships and you can't call any of them beautiful. So yes, I can't call the StormRaven beautiful too. Its job is to carry the death company to the thick of battle, destroy heavily armoured targets and make a mess to light skimmers.
I named my StormRaven ''Blood of the Martyrs'' and painted it with the colours of the Death Company. I armed it with Las Cannons and Multi Melta. This way I can engage two tank class targets with good propabilities of damaging them or turbo boost forward and use the Multy Melta inside melta range to destroy Land Raider class armour.
Of course a StormRaven so close to the enemy will attract a lot of unawanted attention but even then I care not. The Death Company is exactly where I want it to exact Vengeance.

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