Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Begining of a fire base

I know it's not the proper way to play Blood Angels. The concept of "Fire Support" sounds way wrong for the blood hungry chapter.Thankfully, I play Angels Sanguine.
I want to build a Fire Base with a Tactical Squad , a Sanguinary Priest and a Devastator Squad. This Way I will be able to secure an objective early from deployment. This way I will be able to launch my attack to grab or contest some more objectives later.
The composition of the Tactical Squad will be like 10man Squad with Melta Gun, Plasma Cannon, Veteran Sergeant with power fist.
This way "shooty", deep striking units will have to ''Run'' to spread out. The threat of a Plasma Cannon on a tightly packed Infantry Squad is huge and no sane commander will take the risk to lose their unit. But even if my opponent is willing to try the Toughness 4, Armour Save 3, Cover Save 4 combined with a "Feel no Pain" save will prove a nut hard to crack.
But even with a Close Combat Unit the prospect of running against a Fire Base like that is not clever either. Ιf I feel confident I will not let pass a close combat oportunity. After all, 18 Str 5 In 5 Attacks and no less than 8 Power Weapon Str 5 Int 5 attacks is a nightmare to recieve. And please don't forget the Missile and bolter class fire on the shooting phase.
The Wargear of Sanguinary Priest is the almost standard issue Power Sword for reasons I have already explained (Please see the post on ........for more information)
And the Devastator Squad will be a 5man squad armed with missile launchers. It has to be cheap to be effective but the alltime clasic missile launcher is a must choice for every devastator squad.
So with that you got your self a cheap and reliable fire base able to defend and claim objectives away from the short and medium range enemy fire but with a long reach able to devastate light and medium armour.
This Sanguinary Priest is a classic old, out of production model. I cut his wrist to exchange his chainsword for a more ellegant Power Weapon.


  1. Very nice my friend, well painted as always. And I don't think that Blood Angels shouldn't use Devs. I mean, they are well trained marines that wage war to win the battle, not to satisfy their bloodlust. I bet they know how useful long range firepower is and would be quick to use it if this gave them a tactical advantage. After I finish my all-jumper list I am going to start building some Devs myself. I want 3 x 5 Devs with 4 ML in each squads backed up by a scout unit (for scoring purposes) and a "naked" priest just for the FnP. I will also include a singe techmarine in the army so that they get a 3+ cover save. They will be a tough nut to crack indeed!

  2. i got it that an objective is more easy to hold if your'e holding it from turn one with a unit and then make sure that you will get it again with another one coming from reserves.

    In case of jump troopers, you should try NOT to get your force in the battlefield for as long as possible, then sieze the objectives quickly on turns 3-4 and then pray to the emperor and sanguinius.

    Keep on fighting brother-captain.


  3. @Αntipope:I totally agree with you.4 Launchers is a pain to avoid but 12 is nearly impossible.Not a friendly list but for just 450p total is a bargain.
    @Markador:Not my type of play.The dice is a cruel mistress and there a lot of units out there able to crush individual or stray unsupported units in a turn of shooting or close combat.I prefer to go all out against a threat or play counter-attack against it.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.I will keep all in my small mind (I hope)