Friday, 11 February 2011

Οh my God....its an Ogre.

Τhere was a lonely lovely box inside the playroom, it was sitting there since Jan of 2009. It was collecting dust under other boxes of models from another galaxy, another game and another race. The upper boxes were coming and going, the models inside turning from lovely grey plastic and metal to lovingly painted models. The winter turned to summer and then again winter and then again summer and then again winter… till Feb of 2011! Then, the lonely Ogre's Battalion saw at last the cold sunshine. The long years of loneliness had passed, it was time to transform from beautiful grey plastic to ugly huge models. It was time to get painted and stroll the battlefields of the Warhammer's Old World. It was time to eat and fill their guts with meat. The Meat of the enemy!
We don’t Eat you because we are evil or twisted, this is the evolution of the food chain and YOU are at the bottom!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice skin tones. The grey colour scheme is kinda weird but you made it work.