Monday, 6 February 2012

Lord Kaldor Draigo.

Ahhh. I never thought that a day wouldl come that I wouldl miss the metal models !And so that day came when I first saw a (fail)cast model. No matter how much I love the company as a Gamer/Painter/Collector I find it difficult to convice myself to buy again a finecast product.
Here is Draigo. When I first opened its package I had to clean so many parts, to fill so many gaps, to file/fill bubbles before undercoating the model. A whole adventure by its self! Then undercoating was bad too. I had to undercoat over and over again just to make the paint stay in place. Worse yet, the sword arm was completely ruined. The storm bolter was pressed so much that no matter how I tried I couldn't save it, so I glued a plastic sword arm to get over it.
After all this battle I have these results to show. 
Next Grey Knight update will be a Librarian, a ten man purifier squad and a strom raven. See you.

Ps.Damn these pictures look crappy indeed!!!

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