Saturday, 24 September 2011

One more Salamander Terminator

Salamanders Terminator this time. Armed with a mastercrafted thunder hammer (long live the

 Forgefather) and a storm shield is a prime opportunity to paint some used models from my 

''Failed Project'' box. I changed the way I paint the Storm Shield and I hope for some feed back

 on the matter. Now I've got to paint some more of my 2+ armour save models so await for

 some Paladin action next time.

What do you think?Green or Black Shields?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

XV 88 Broadside Battlesuit ready for battle!

Well, theTau XV88 Broadside team I wanted to complete is finaly over. It took me many 

months to complete it but as the Tau project is only a minor one, I can't complain. 

Unfortunately a whole unit picture will have to wait, the rest of the models are back in Athens 

so please enjoy these old pictures. Hmmm... now that I look at the pictures maybe a couple of

Shield Drones would be a nice addition.Till then I have too many 2+ Armour save models on 

the paintstation. A new Paladin Squad for the Grey Knights and the Terminator Squad for the 

Salamanders. Strangely no Ogres.
A small detail on the armour!

The rest of the gang....

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Salamanders 2nd Tactical Squad ''Lava''

Oh so happy! I' m tired from work, hungry, but really happy because the second tactical squad for my salamander project is finished.

I mainly used the lovely models from the Assault on black reach boxed set. Cheap, plastic and decent models. A veteran sergeant from the Sternguard Veterans boxed set and finaly the spare multi melta bits from the plastic devastator boxed set on an old plastic space marine model.

The AOBR models are ideal for anyone looking to start with a 750 points army. Now, I have set a new unit for this project. A terminator assault squad using the terminator bodies of the AOBR box and spare thunder hammers and lightning claws taken from the bit box or failed projects box.

So await to watch more models soon.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Grey Knight Paladin Squad.

The first half of the Grey Knight Project is over. The first squad of 10 paladins armed with 4 

Psycannons and accompanied by an Apothecary. I really enjoy this small project of 20 models 

and I am thankful for those excellent plastic models. .The project is still in full progress. As you 

read these words five more Grey Knight Paladis are in the "work in progress" phase. Keep in 

touch everyone. I have a blast of good time.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Second Salamander

The Salamanders are back on the paint station.I really want to finish this Tactical squad this 

week. So, paint it green add a Multi Melta and it's ready! I' ll try my best to finish the Grey 

Knight Squad too. You will have news soon. See ya!