Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Τhe Angels Sanguine Force ''Avenger of the Fallen''

After almost 10 months and the Angels Sanguine Project finally hits the board. Ten months to finally be able to play with the roster and find out its weaknesses. I really enjoyed this last 10 months painting this force. I never imagined that the split color scheme will be so rewarding. I had hard times trying to find a good red recipe to combine with my painting skills, I searched the net to find fluff and the heraldry of the Angels Sanguine Chapter (without results its true) to be able to come to this results I now present. The Angels Sanguine Picture.

Sure I need a proper Basing. Soon you will see progress with that.
Sure I need more units. Underway is a Devastator Squad, the second Assault Squad is 50% complte and a Storm Raven Gunship is nearly to completion.

So please stay with me and keep me company till the end of the project, cause this will take some time


  1. They are cooooool and awesome!!! Make a desert/ wasteland basing to blend your models with this ultra awesome table!!!

  2. The table is really awesome indeed.I am so glad that the we have both tables to such high terrain-wise standards.

  3. I'd second the lighter basing. Moody models are cool but you need to brighten then up otherwise they are so moody no-one will look at them properly...

  4. Thank you GDMNW i ll keep it in mind.You will have some progress really soon.

  5. Grats, finally! Now, start basing them!!!