Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Whats worse than an Ogre?

With the final details on the model completed I am pleased to present another painted (and based) Ogre.

I started with a black undercoat. I didn't glue the hands and gutplate. I glued those three pieces to a spair plastic sprue to be painted seperatetly.
For the body I used a lot of colour schemes but this one is my favourite.
Adeptus Batlte Gray like basecoat. Then I coated the model with a mix of 50/50 Adept. Battlegrey and Deneb Stone. A further coat of Deneb stone and finaly a coat of 50/50 Deneb stone and Skull White. A pure skull white highlight to define some more the muscles of Mr. Ogre and then I washed selected parts of the body with Liche Purple.

And it's done!Pretty easy huh!

From this angle you can see the rusty effect on its sword.I am not confident enough with my ''Rusty Effects'' paint style but I m improving. 
Another angle this time for the base.My basing skills are still low.Maybe the grass i used was not appropriate.I hope to find some altermative solution about it soon.Till then thanks for watching


  1. It's a very effective paintjob I'd say. I particularly like the cobblestone base!

  2. You are constantly not doing your self justice! I mean, this cobblestone base is simply great and the rust effect is doing the trick nicely! Keep them coming!!

  3. Thank you both kind Sires.As for the base I am sure I can do better.