Monday, 7 February 2011

Playtesting the Angel Sanguine Roster,

No matter how many years you got in competitive gaming you cannot overlook the ''Playtesting'' sessions of your list.Every single list you do it needs games , games that will patronize your roster and find out where your list lack and where list is overwhelming.
With that in mind i payed a visit to the Battle Bunker Club.A prive warhammer 40.000 club i am member.There i met Dimitris a friend of mine and we discussed about my roster.
The restrictions were:
No Spam units , No Mephisto , No a ''anihilation'' or defeat roster.
The  list we came up was.
Librarian with Unlease Rage and Shield of Sanguinius
an 8 man  Death company with chaplain and Storm Raven
a 10 man Assault Squad in a Redeemer Land Raider
two 5 man Assault Squads in Razobacks
a 5 man Sniper Scouts.
I playtested the roster against a Grey Knight quest-player .It worked wonders but my opponent was quite inexpierienced and his roster not challenging.So i tooked another go , this time with Brother Aris.

Brother Aris is a very expierienced player able with his play style to make enjoyable a really challenging game for his opponent.To tell the truth Aris can massacre you but at the game's end to make you feel the need to treat him a beer or two.
Long story short i gave the game up at round 3.
Ι fixed the roster some more.I added some extra Ιnferno Pistols and a Sanguinary Priest to ride with the Assault Squad.The Scouts disbanded to the army case.
Now my list looks like that.

Librarian : Unlease Rage and Shield of Sanguinius
Chaplain with inferno pistol. (Now i can shoot a transport and charge the unit inside it .Should  the chaplain Fail i can shoot the said transport with the Raven.This way i can practicaly destroy 4 units on a turn.)

Sanguinary Priest with Power weapon and inferno pistol .(Now the Assault Squad have some extra Punch and more durability)

Assault Squad with Power Fist and Melta Gun (The melta gun can allow the same flexibility with the chaplain's Inferno Pistol.Allowing the Land Raider to engage a different target)

Two 5 man assault squads with melta gun and RazorBacks .One with Assault cannon and the other with T-L Las Cannon.

A Death Company unit with 3 power weapons , Inferno pistol (Should Chaplain fail to destroy his target) , power fist (All around weapon) a Bolter (For wound allocation purposes) and 3 chainswords
Land Raider Redeemer with Extra Armour and Multi Melta (The Assault Squad's Dedicated Transport)
Storm Raven with Extra Armour.(The Death Company rides it).

After the rematch i was happy with the overall performance of the roster.I now have a nice roster able to play with my friends enjoying a mug of coffee of beer.Not an overpowering monstrosity but not a week not challenging list.

But a post without a new painted model is worthless so please enjoy the chaplain i painted last weekend.A really nice model with strong pose.Shame he doesn't have a place to my roster anymore.

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