Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vacations in progress

As I hope you all have already understood I live in Greece (please for the sake of my "thin sanity" lets all in this blog call this country Hellas). I work in Crete an island south of Athens but my heart and home lies in Athens. To make the situation more complicated my parents live in Ios, another island between Athens and Crete. My mother always complains that I visit Ios very little and that's the truth. My last visit was 2 years ago so it was not so bad of an idea to spend my vacations in the Ios Island. And here I am.

So, I took with me my paints, brushes and some models (truth be told I forgot to take with me some T-Shirts) and off I went. In this post I will show (off) where my paintstation is.

I am painting at the front big veranda with this fantastic view on the island's port
To trasport from Crete to Athens to Ios my paints, brushes and models I used my notebook's carry case. The rest are easy to find. A napkin, some water and an old CD case is all you need to start painting even in the middle of nowhere!
 That's all for now. I hope you all had a great summer and took with you some great memories to accompany you throughout the entire winter!


  1. Real people live in Ios? I thought the whole island was filled with drunk tourist and the people that catered to them. I used to go there every summer for 5-6 years until I grew out of. I think I got too old for all that debauchery. So, someone can have a family holiday in Ios then?

  2. Sweet view! I've been traveling this summer as I know it's hard to fit on hobby time! Well done...