Monday, 8 August 2011

Grey Knight Paladin Army List (15% complete)

Thank the Emperor and His divine light for the plastic Grey Knight Terminators! I have so much fun painting that I already finished the 3rd. Well, if you consider that I am a slow painter and in less than a week I painted 3 and the rest 2 are about 70% complete that is surely an accomplishment. At the same time I paint the collector's metallic Blood Angel Vanguard Veteran and a Salamander AOBR marine. Till then have a couple of pictures of the latest Grey Knight armed with a fearsome Daemon Hammer!


  1. Woohoo,
    nasty fellow, great painjob :) Loving the hammer details.

  2. Although a little bit dark photo, I really love the red details on the hammer! Great job as always!!

  3. Thanks you both Panayiotis and sir Cadaver.Have nice vacations then hope to see you soon :D