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The Black Death is a Razorback.Serving with the 4th Angels Sanguine Battle Company it has made its own legend in the glorious history of the Chapter.The Black Death has  a record of the most sucessfull IFV of its class placing it as one of the most decorated Vehicle of the chapter. Serving under the 4th Company of the Brother Captain Furion , the Black Death  was a part of the Angels Sanguine Mission at the ''Battle of Macragge'' with the name: Strike Force ''Avenger of the Fallen''. The IFV was decorated for its outstanding performance and courage in the face of the foe at the Battle ''Alousius Lamment''  (Please read the full story in the Codex : Tyranids , page 12) In summary.
After the safe extracion of the injured Chapter Master M. Calgar the Strike Force ''Avenger of the Fallen'' makes planetfall  arriving at the hot landing zone with 12 StormRavens carrying the full Astartes Force and 3 Thunderhawk transporters carrying  the Land Raiders Redeemers ''Rellentless Fury'' and ''ArchAngels Wrath'' and two Razorbacks IFVs ''Black Death'' and ''Bloody Wing''. As the StromRavens devastate the Drop Zone with missiles , the Transporters releases the Land Raiders and the RazoBacks in free fall. The drop of the IFVs was a gambit no other Commander was taking but Cpt Furion told ''Desperate Situations calls for desperate Tactics'' The combat drop works well for the Land Raiders and Black Death but the Bloody Wing is destroyed upon impact to  the ground killing instantly the two members of the crew and dozens of xenos. Redeemers and Razorback are strafing the enemy with assault cannon and flame purging the Drop Zone from any pockets of resistance  allowing the StormRavens to unload its deadly cargo of Vengeancefull Astartes hungry for combat.Three Devastator Squads are  forming on the center with brother captain Furion at the general command and 5 tactical Squads are fanning out for support. The Armoured Vehicles are moving to the place which the Ultramarine Hero fell. The Black Death reaching the Fallen first and the Sanguinary Priest Avatos lifting the Fallen brother just in time. The Tyranids are counter-attacking in full force and the Land Raiders are fanning out to reveal the trap.The attacking force  is being welcomed by the devastators missiles.Furion is guiding his heavy weapons targeting the synapse creatures first  sending against them 100 Krak Missilles in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.Without the Hive Guidance the horde is scattering  just to be annihilated by the advancing Black Death , Rellentless Fury and Archangel's Wrath.The Angels Sanguine don't persue,  they are falling back in good order back to the StormRavens leaving the vehicles to exact their vengeance before being picked up by the ThunderHawks.

After the Battle for Macragge the Ultramarine Chapter decorate the RazorBack Black Death for Unmatched Zeal with the ''Crux Terminatus'' badge

Upon the return of the Strike Force to Baal Secoundus the Chapter decorates the Black Death with three purity seals, one for every crew member and the lost Razorback ''Bloody Wing''

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