Thursday, 28 April 2011

Salamander Tactical Marine and Lothern Sea Guard.

This time Ι have to present to you 2 miniatures from the Starter Boxed Sets from both WarHammer 40.000 and WarHammer Fantasy games, a Tactical Marine and a Sea Guard. 

This Warhammer model is a two pieces model but the amount of detail is simply amazing.

A closer look to the shield will convice every Elf Player to purchace a copy of the ''Island of Blood'' set.
 Lastly, the Salamander Tactical Marine is a simple but pleasant model to paint.The Space Marines models of this boxed set are really easy to find at a really good price. A great value for money deal!
A close up of the helmet.


  1. Very cool. I never liked the Salamanders' yellow eye lenses, I prefer the reddish hue you've give them.

  2. Τhank you Antipope.I prefer the red lenses over yellow too.But that i think is obvious :)

  3. Nice work!

    Only just discovered you, but love the painting style- going to spend the next hour just wondering through them!

    Keep it up1

  4. thank you Tenzing please take your time.