Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dark Angels : DeathWing Terminator Squad

Deathwing Terminators. It was a daring and difficult project this one. The colour alone was enough to discourage me but I did it. That's for sure not my best work but I am surely pleased from the result. Now I am ready to paint the ''Dark Vengeance'' boxed set. So bring it! I can surely use a second tactical squad, a second Terminator squad, a Ravenwing Squad and the three IC the new box offers. I'll just sit tight and wait for my copy of the box...


  1. You got some serious firepower there!
    I think they are a bit 'too white' for me, but they look good none the less!

  2. There indeed too white.But thats the main issue of the Denev Stone paint!

  3. i guess researching a dreadnaught i had painted white was this colour scheme thanks for the help i will paint a dark angels army in this colour scheme