Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dark Angels : 3rd Tactical Squad (30% Complete)

Greetings everyone and Happy new Year! More Dark Angels! This chapter is ideal to restore old models from old failed projects. Models that I was an inch from throwing away are becoming one of my best projects yet. I still own a large number of models so I decided that few of them will become the third Tactical Squad. Here are the first 3 models.


  1. Happy new year mate!!!

    Lovely models, I am waiting to see the rest of the squad. Are you going to use left-over models for the other special weapon and the commander or will you choose these weapons based on your army list?

  2. left over models all the way for me.The 3rd squad's special weapon will be a melta gun (the other squads are armed with flamer and plasma gun)and the Sergeant will carry a power sword.

    I have no an army list ready yet.I paint what I like most.