Monday, 15 July 2013

Angels Sanguine:Vindicator

     Back to the Angels Sanguine again.This time with a Vindicator. It was a boring project this one, untill a friend suggested to me to build three of them...Yes you read right, three!!!

Now imagine the scene, three Fast Moving Vindies and right behind them 30 Death Company Astartes equiped with Jump packs attacking the enemy lines... Trully, the stuff of legend!!! I hope I can fit it on a 1850p roster!

Effectiveness...who exactly cares!!! Not me to be honnest. I just want to see the terrified eyes in my opponent's face thinking [GULP] Now I am really done for... :)


  1. I love the paintjob and I freaking love the concept behind it!
    I'd love to see this formation in a game ruining somebody's day :D