Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tau Empire : XV104 RIPTIDE

I couldn't resist! I can't hide that I am a Mecha Anime Fun and as such, the XV 104 Riptide was a dream come true. Bristling with anti-heavy infantry weapons and high survivability against almost any threat, the new XV104 is really what I was looking for to upgrade my Tau army. Best of all, the model is made from high quality plastic! Thank the greater good for that! It was a pleasure to both paint and build! Keep the plastic models coming GW and my money is yours!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Warmachine : The Begining

Sick and tired of all those naysayers complaing endlessly about how much our game has changed, but never for once tried a differnent game system?Really? Well, me too. No, I am not about to sell my gw models and stop playing alltogether. I am just trying something a little different just to know what else is going on out there. I am currently painting the Cygnar Battlegroup of Privateer Press. So, stay tuned as I will soon post my first impressions of this new project!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

TAU EMPIRE : XV 8-05 Crisis Enforcer

I took a short break from the hobby as some of you noticed, but now I am back with a new model fresh from the PaintStation. It's the new XV8 Crisis the commander's edition, a really nice model with a single huge problem - It's a resin ''Failcast'' model. 

Please, in the name of you hard earned money I absolutely advise against the Finecast [failcast really] models. Dear Games Workshop, please improve the Finecast [failcast] line of products otherwise terminate it. Simple as that!