Wednesday, 25 September 2013


The new Space Marine Codex was a really strong motivation to paint some of my too many bikes! I was planning a Ravenwing Roster just for fun but the Space Marines are doing it so much better!
Having read all of the Codex and despising so much the White Scars Chapter I decided to do a succesor chapter, the Storm Lords! The white colour is a hell to paint especialy for me, a painter that is not willing to paint battle damage on his models! So these two models are just my first attempt! I hope you all like them.


  1. Very impressive colour scheme! I admit I wasn't a big fan of more than two colours on marines, but this is a fine example of how tri-colour can work just as well.

    If these guys are your test models, then I am really looking forward to see what comes next. Not half-bad so far!!!!

    keep it up my friend!

  2. Nice clean work with the white, there.