Saturday, 30 April 2011

Angels Sanguine Assault Marine.

Τoday's model is an Assault Marine.Nothing fancy , nothing out of the ordinary.But some of you will notice that the black lining is more subtle this time.
The above model was the last of the Assault Squad ''Severus''the second for the Angel Sanguine Army.So I think that a Squad photo is in oder.
 But no Assault Squad is complite without a HQ character and a Transport.So i guess a appropriate vechicle is in order.


  1. Man, that Land Raider's going to look awesome!

    You building it as the Crusader or Redeemer?

  2. If by lining you mean edge highlighting, yes it's quite smooth this time. I realise now what a pain is to highlight both sides of the shoulder pads' trim or knees or the feet that i started painting Blood Angels myshelf. That squad looks sweet too, can't wait to see the finished land raider :)

  3. Thank you Tenzing I am going for a Redeemer.

    Well you are right i meant Highlighting.Thank you for your kind words.