Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Brother Sergeant Severus Helgarth.

Name: Severus Helgarth

Chapter: Angels Sanguine
Company: 4th (War Angels)
Rank: 8th's Squad Assault Sergeant

Brother Sergeant Severus is a recent addition to the 4th Company's roster. What is setting the Sergeant appart from his brethren is his face.

The Gene Legacy, or curse for some certain Heretics, of Sanguinius follows the steps, deeds and death of every brother of the Angels Sanguine Chapter. No one knows what terrible changes the ''flaw'' had inflicted on the Chapter that forces them to mask their faces in the presence of others. No one is an exception except for Sergeant Severus.

Brother Severus is clean of any flaw, he is the only one permited to show his face and usually he is the one to represent the Chapter to war counsils, not many chapters are able to trust a  fellow Astartes 
who doesn't show his bare face and eyes .Severus shows not only his face but his bright honnest eyes.Eyes free from the madness of the flaw.Offcourse there are objections. How could a Veteran Sergeant replace his Captain in such important meetings? Soon enough they find out Severus' tactical brilliance.Τhe Assault plans of brother Severus are legentary and he is responsible for many victories.Urza Primus , Sung Me Three and Ultramar are only few of the great Battles the Sergeant have bring Victory with his Surgical and Lightninig Assaults.
(So much for the Fluff) 

You can replace an Assault Veteran Sergeant with Brother Sergeant Severus Helgarth for +40 points.

Special Rules:

- A Sergeant not a Captain: Severus is a Sergeant with tallent on strategy. His command is absolute over his brothers and even a Captain will heed his words. Sergeant Severus will never disobey his Superior Officer nor will he act on his own when his superiors are in command. Sergeant Severus has Ld.10 and can confer it to every Angel Sanguine model. If you choose to field Sergeant Severus you can choose ONLY librarians as your HQ choices.

- Cool Temper: Sergeant Severus will never lose his temper no matter what. Sergeant Severus will never benefit from the Litourgies of battle.and Furious Charge Special rule. In addition, his Squad will never suffer from the Red Thirst Special Rule.

 Ι am not good with ''Lettering'' but that was the best i could do.

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