Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Project : Imperial Guard

I tried so hard to resist! I played it! I liked it! I' ll paint it! Yes, it's time to drop the Astral claws and Vampire counts projects. I didn't invest on those armies anyway! I am starting Imperial Guard.
I am going to build a DIY regiment the 135th Regiment '' Shqdows''. I plan all my models to be from the Cadian range and to keep the theme to 3 colours minimum. So, stay with me as I plan to get this army over in less than 6 months... Got to paint now...clock's ticking!

 Heavy Weapon Team

 The rest of the Lasguns

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Τau Commander (Shas'o R'Myr)

The Purifiers had to wait a little bit as I wanted to paint an HQ for my Tau project! So here it is .A forge world model of Shas'o R'Myr will serve well as my Tau commander. I have to admit that I started a new project but the first squad is still in progress so I will keep this project as a surprise for a while! Take care everyone!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Salamanders Terminator Assault Squad.

This is the latest addition of the Salamander Terminator Assault Squad I planned for this army. So now I can concentrate my efforts to paint a 5 man Purifier Squad and the Third Attack Bike of the Angels Sanguine roster!


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Grey Knights Purifiers

My next Grey Knight project is already in progress and it includes: A librarian (finished) A Purifiers/Interceptors Squad (I will magnetize the Backpacks) A Storm Raven (assembled) Also on my paintstation, I am ready to finish the second Attack bike for my Angels Sanguine roster - I am planning on taking to the second I.C.Tournament - a Salamander Assault Terminator, the seventh of the squad and maybe the last one for now and a Shas-el for the Tau project. A lot of work don't you agree? A lot of work as we are awaiting for the second season of the Game of thrones series to air and less than two months for the new Diablo 3 game to be published I just can't wait :)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lightning Claws armed Terminator for the Salamanders

My Terminator Assault Squad recieved a new addition, a lightning claw armed Astartes. Now, all I need is one more member with Thunder hammer and Storm Shield to complete the squad. I decided that a 5 man hammers-only squad will be enough for the list I am painting but with the addition of two more Lightning claws I will be more flexible when I am trying to write down some different army lists. Today I am painting some Purifiers Grey Knights and I am really happy with the way I paint white. Please wait till those two fellows are complete. Take care every one!

If the model reminds you of something then must be it!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Τhe Sniper Scout Squad is finished!!!

Finally! It took me forever to finish this Scout Squad but I think I know the reasons for this delay. I didn't like the colour scheme and the models. This small project started wrong. No matter how many stores I visited I couldn't find the two boxes of scouts I needed. Finally I was able to get one and thankfully enough I found 5 more in my failed project box. Then misfortune struck again. I lost the lences of the scout night vision goggles, also the gun and the head of Sgt Telion.I improvised for one more time. So, after all those adventures the Scout Squad is finished. Now where are those Grey Knights?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Tau Hammerhead made in Sa'cea

This Tau Hammerhead is the first vehicle for my Tau Sa'cea project. It will be my second heavy support choice for the army list I plan to paint. I really wish that the new edition codex will make the hammerheads and the rest of the Tau Vehicles ''fast'' so to be able to redeploy my army as needed. Even if this upgrade will be expensive point-wise I really want to see a some quick reaction Hammerheads!