Sunday, 25 March 2012

Τau Commander (Shas'o R'Myr)

The Purifiers had to wait a little bit as I wanted to paint an HQ for my Tau project! So here it is .A forge world model of Shas'o R'Myr will serve well as my Tau commander. I have to admit that I started a new project but the first squad is still in progress so I will keep this project as a surprise for a while! Take care everyone!


  1. One of my favourite models from FW!

    Very good job my friend, with strong contrasts and solid colors. As a suggestion: I noticed that the rest of your Tau have a bit of bronze/gold detail and looks great - perhaps you could add a bit more of this to your commander.

    Rules for R'Myr arent too bad either, you could give him a try at some point :)

  2. Well thats a good idea!I ll try it for sure!