Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Project : Imperial Guard

I tried so hard to resist! I played it! I liked it! I' ll paint it! Yes, it's time to drop the Astral claws and Vampire counts projects. I didn't invest on those armies anyway! I am starting Imperial Guard.
I am going to build a DIY regiment the 135th Regiment '' Shqdows''. I plan all my models to be from the Cadian range and to keep the theme to 3 colours minimum. So, stay with me as I plan to get this army over in less than 6 months... Got to paint now...clock's ticking!

 Heavy Weapon Team

 The rest of the Lasguns


  1. New project, very exciting stuff!

    Love the choice of colours, it's very realistic and easy to manage even in mass production :)

    Good job my friend, keep it up!

  2. I ll keep it up for sure!Thanks Panagiotis!