Thursday, 8 March 2012

Τhe Sniper Scout Squad is finished!!!

Finally! It took me forever to finish this Scout Squad but I think I know the reasons for this delay. I didn't like the colour scheme and the models. This small project started wrong. No matter how many stores I visited I couldn't find the two boxes of scouts I needed. Finally I was able to get one and thankfully enough I found 5 more in my failed project box. Then misfortune struck again. I lost the lences of the scout night vision goggles, also the gun and the head of Sgt Telion.I improvised for one more time. So, after all those adventures the Scout Squad is finished. Now where are those Grey Knights?


  1. These guys are real badasses, well done man! They have a very realistic feeling, the contrast of black versus camo gives a dramatic effect, yet everything is still very 40K -ish.

  2. Τhanks Panagiotis your support helps a lot!