Monday, 29 April 2013

Tyranids : Hive Tyrant

      An alien monstrocity this one! This model is something completely different from what I usually paint.This model was a pleasure to model and tamper with and will make a fine addition to my Tyranids collection. I used the fleshborer hive from the Tervigon/Tyranofex kit to represent the twin-linked devourers.Well, who can say no to 12 twin linked Str6 shots? Add this to the mix and the prefered enemy special rule and you have yourself a really shooty monster. Although, it is really a shame that I have to model a close combat killer like this - I firmly believe that Tyranids and Orks have to engage in close combat, but these are the side effects of the 6th edition and I will have to live with that!
      Clearly I need more practice to feel satisfied with my Tyranid painting skills, but I believe that with every model I will become better!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bretonnians : Knights of the Realm (5/8 knights complete)

I have this strange tradition.Everytime I return to my beloved wife (my current deployment is keeping me away from her) I paint a Brettonian knight. I started with pegasus knights and now I am painting some knights of the realm. Here is my progress so far. I have five of them ready and today I am starting the musician. I hope you like them :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Angels Sanguine : Death Company 32/32

I took a small break from the Dark Angels Project and spent some time to finish the Death Company Project. These 3 models are the last. Now I own a 32 strong force excluding the chaplains and Astorath the Grim. Now I have to return back to the Deathwing chambers. My terminators are awaiting!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Dark Angels:Deathwing Terminator Squad 3.(40%Complete)

With the third tactical squad complete I started painting a third terminator squad. Even with the new Tau out my order from Maelstrom games will be sent not till 15/4, so I still have some time to paint more Dark Angels. I hope you like them

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tyranids : A Tervigon

Tired of all those Dark Angels, I painted this littlle tyranid organism. It was enormous fun to model and paint even when I found out some mistakes I made in the process. Painting the carapace after gluing the whole model was really difficult so I wasn't able to really pay some more attention to details, so even if I am happy with the results I am a little disappointed about the carapace.Anyway, I am sure the next Tervigon will be painted way better! Thanks for watching.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Dark Angels:3rd Tactical Squad

Slower than expected I am finishing some Dark Angels loose issues.Namely the 3rd Tactical Squad and the Ravenwing attack squad. Anyway, I managed to find some time to paint and I am really glad with the results. I hope you all agree!