Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bretonnians : Knights of the Realm (5/8 knights complete)

I have this strange tradition.Everytime I return to my beloved wife (my current deployment is keeping me away from her) I paint a Brettonian knight. I started with pegasus knights and now I am painting some knights of the realm. Here is my progress so far. I have five of them ready and today I am starting the musician. I hope you like them :)


  1. I like the D.A symbol in the shield

  2. Hey all my shields are having the Dark Angels Insignia!They are the "Order of Caliban" after all.Thanks for noticing!!! :D

  3. Great Job on the Bretonnian Knights! I am a fellow Warhammer Gamer/Coellctor and was hoping perhaps we can google connect if you are into tabletop wargaming and other collectibles! You can also check out my Bretonnian Knights and Dwarves!

    Thanks Kyr! (:

  4. Thank you Jiaqi.Your blogs are really intresting I am watching you ;)

  5. Thanks for the patronage. I do hope you can also Google Connect to my blog as I have to you too (:
    And might I add, Great paint job on those Terminators of yours that you have done recently (: