Friday, 28 October 2011

Salamander's Land Speeder

One more Salamander Land Speeder!Well I think I am on fire with my Salamander Project.Please enjoy!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A couple of veterans

With a Salamander Sternguard and an Angels Sanguine Vanguard Veteran I continue the long 

journey through our hobby .An Angel Vanguard Veteran armed with a power sword and

inferno pistol, this model is the 4th of the squad of (at least) 5 I want..And a Salamander

Sternguard Veteran with a heavy flamer..Ah I love this small conversion so much! 

Also in the PaintStation I have a Land Speeder again for my Salamanders and also some Grey

Knight Terminators for my Grey Knight Terminators only army.A lot of work if you ask me but

it was totally worth it!

Salamander Sternguard Veteran.

Angels Sanguine Vanguard Veteran

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Grey Knights the return of the warlords

Grey Knights Paladins out of the Paintstation. I took a small break from painting gun metal and gave some love to my other armies! My project little by little is growing to a full scale army! Thanks for watching. :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Tau Fire Warriors from the world of Sa'cea this time. As I wrote a couple of posts ago I bought a Fire Warrior squad at a very good price. Three of those models were already painted and I decided to repaint those models first. I am satisfied but I am still not so comfortable painting Tau. I mean that I can still impove my skills on them. I just hope that improvrment will come with time. Please do note the grass on the bases, it's a new addition I think I will adapt.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Salamander SternGuard Veteran!

A Salamander Sternguard Veteran armed with a Heavy Flamer is the new addition to my 

ongoing green project. I saw so many beautifull conversions for this model that I gave in to 

the temptation almost immedietly. I am very pleased with the results of my first attempt that I 

converted another one, this time I used a Space Wolves Terminator Heavy Flamer.

Not all of my models were so lucky. My Grey Knight Apothecary had some minor issues with its 

base, so I rebased the model and I am in the wait-for-the-glue phase. I am sure tommorow it 

will be ready.Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dark Elves Crossbowmen and some WiP.

I painted those models only to escape from the 2+ armour save models of my paintstation. No I am not looking for an army.These models belong to a friend of mine who quit the hobby and I said ''Why not give it a go''. At the same time I paint some Tau Fire Warriors. I bought them used from Andreas for only 12 euro. They were glued and based and basecoated black bar three that Andreas painted like test models. I started with those test models and I can't say I am not satisfied.

Here the models of the Dark Elves in what I call tabletop standard. I hope you like them.

Here the Tau Fire Warriors in the WiP. I hope to have them finished by Sunday.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Show Must Go On.

With a Salamander Terminator and a Grey Knight Paladin I make my come back to my PaintStation. After a troubled week at work I finally get some well deserved rest.
I am in Athens and I will be almost daily at the Battle Bunker Club for anyone intrested for a coffee and chatting about the hobby and games. Make a phonecall if you want any of the above I will be there from 10:30 till 18:00. So don't be shy, you are just a call away from an interesting evening
The new Salamander Terminator. This model is the forth of the squad and the third armed with a Thunder Hammer

One more Paladin. The second model from a squad of 10.Now my DraigoWing is 60% complite.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

25-09-2011 Independent club tournament

By Arion Spyridis.(A fellow member of the Battle Bunker Club)

On the 25th of September an event was planed with the collaboration of two Independent gaming clubs, Espairos (ΕΣΠΑΙΡΟΣ) and our own Battle bunker. The concept was to take the Greek tournament experience to the next level, from the rule set to the actual tabletop game.

Months where spent creating impressively stunning and exiting terrain pieces.

The event managed to gather an impressive number of players for Greek standards, a total of 36.

I would be using a all around Grey Knights list.

The first match up was with Eldar, one of the older codices around but for no reason an easy game.

The Eldar roster had a total of 8 gravtanks and a large number of fire dragons.
This meant I had to get those fire breathing grav tanks open ASAP!

The game was 2 objectives and standard setup.

A task the Knights where up for! The two rifle dreds, stormraven and Vindicare did quick work of the gravtanks and prism tanks.

The game ended in the favor of my grey knights with 1750 vps to my favor and 0 for the Eldar thanks to correct target priority.

After a short break I would be facing the menacing Tyranids, never having faced Tyranids with my Grey Knights I would be having my plate full!

The game was multiple objectives and dawn of war, this meant I would be missing an entire turn of shooting and Giving the Nids a chance to move and run up field fast.

I knew I had to take out the zoanthope, Hive Tyrant fast and the cover giving venomthropes!

The rifle dreads did quick work of the venomthropes since they where vulnerable to Strength 8 instant death weapons, and the Hive was sniped easily with the 4 mindstrike missiles(4 perils of the warp) from the stormraven.

In the end the game ended with my Grey Knights wining 2 to 1 Vps and 1610 vps for me and 400 or so for the Tyranids. The extra vps where earned from the tervigons birthing every turn.

After a short Lunch break we finaly came in for the third and final game.

For the third game I would be facing the Mighty deathwing, 30 stormshield wielding terminators led by Belial and 2 multi-melta landspeaders.

Luckily I had a lot of experience against this particular deathwing combination.

I knew I had thin their ranks before getting into combat, stormshields seem to have a resilient effect on this game.

The game was quarters and killpoints, which made it at least challenging for me with all those terminators against me.

If I could some up this game it would characterized simply by a lack of ability to hit anything and save anything on both sides, luckily I had rerolls on a few of my units.

The game was over in about an hour with a total wipe out of the deathwing, 1750vps for my Grey Knights and 0 for the deathwing.

In the end Battle bunker Managed to get two out of the three cups Best general and Overall winner.

It was one the best planed and executed event I have ever attended, the terrain was stunning, the Judges where exceptional and the over all gaming experience was superb!

Cant wait for the next event!

And some pictures from the Event.