Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A couple of veterans

With a Salamander Sternguard and an Angels Sanguine Vanguard Veteran I continue the long 

journey through our hobby .An Angel Vanguard Veteran armed with a power sword and

inferno pistol, this model is the 4th of the squad of (at least) 5 I want..And a Salamander

Sternguard Veteran with a heavy flamer..Ah I love this small conversion so much! 

Also in the PaintStation I have a Land Speeder again for my Salamanders and also some Grey

Knight Terminators for my Grey Knight Terminators only army.A lot of work if you ask me but

it was totally worth it!

Salamander Sternguard Veteran.

Angels Sanguine Vanguard Veteran


  1. More great stuff! I am particularly fond of the long purity seals on both :)

  2. I am too.The Grey Knight Terminator kits are full of long purity seals.