Monday, 17 October 2011

Salamander SternGuard Veteran!

A Salamander Sternguard Veteran armed with a Heavy Flamer is the new addition to my 

ongoing green project. I saw so many beautifull conversions for this model that I gave in to 

the temptation almost immedietly. I am very pleased with the results of my first attempt that I 

converted another one, this time I used a Space Wolves Terminator Heavy Flamer.

Not all of my models were so lucky. My Grey Knight Apothecary had some minor issues with its 

base, so I rebased the model and I am in the wait-for-the-glue phase. I am sure tommorow it 

will be ready.Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day.


  1. I think the paintjob very simple but that looks great. Congratulations for all your work...

    Azureus (i'm french)

  2. Yo! Nice paint job and conversion! I actually have this exact same conversion sitting on my shelf... just waiting to be painted. I found the arm in my bits box and thought it'd go nicely and it sure does! I like the paint job you got on here, fits in good with the rest. You continue to inspire me on my Salamanders.

  3. Thank you Jungles!That was one of the best compliment I ever received.Soon I will have one more Veteran like him!

  4. What mix of green do u use? I am thinking about starting a new army and looking at Salamanders... but like always nervous about my painting skills... Everything looks great and you have gotten me even more excited about the men of Nocturne

  5. Well if you are lucky enough to have an airbrush go ahead and use it.Snot Green is a difficult colour.So airbrush it.

    If not...

    Undercoat black.Let it dry.
    Basecoat the model with (GW-FND)Gnarloc Green again let it dry
    Add two more coats of (GW)Snot Green and you are ready.

    If you feel confident black line the model with watered (GW) chaos black.Then edge highlighting with a mix of 50/50 (GW)Snot green and Goblin green.Finally add more (GW)Goblin green.

    You are ready.