Thursday, 13 October 2011

Dark Elves Crossbowmen and some WiP.

I painted those models only to escape from the 2+ armour save models of my paintstation. No I am not looking for an army.These models belong to a friend of mine who quit the hobby and I said ''Why not give it a go''. At the same time I paint some Tau Fire Warriors. I bought them used from Andreas for only 12 euro. They were glued and based and basecoated black bar three that Andreas painted like test models. I started with those test models and I can't say I am not satisfied.

Here the models of the Dark Elves in what I call tabletop standard. I hope you like them.

Here the Tau Fire Warriors in the WiP. I hope to have them finished by Sunday.


  1. Good job on both teams George!
    I especialy like the Tau colour scheme, as it has fantastic contrast. Looks like you prepare for the new dex :)

  2. High Commander Stelius13 October 2011 at 22:08

    Fantastic job!! Cant wait to to slay them!!

  3. Very nice and clean paintjobs as always! Especially the Tau, this picture could be easily be posted in a step by step painting guide... maybe I just gave you an idea ... ? :P

  4. thank you guys.
    True I cant have a tutorial about it.thanks Mihalis

    Stelios dream on baby.have you found a way to stop a wandering death company dreadnought?

    I hope to see you soon Panayotis thank you for your time