Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Death Company Astartes and a Scout!

A Death company astartes this time. A forsaken model in the hell maze of my Failled Projects Box found a new home inside the Angels Sanguine carry case. The original model was armed with a Lightning claw and a bolt pistol. I used the claw ages ago for a Shrike Veteran back in the 4th edition so I swapped it with a humble chainsword. I also chopped away the bolt pistol for an Inferno pistol. I hope you like it.
Something for my Salamanders too. A scout armed with a missile launcher so Sgt Tellion can whisper to someone with his BS6.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Grey Knight Dreadnought

A dreadnought costing only 135p, able to unleash 4 twin-linked str8 shots and almost immune to ''crew shaken - stunned'' results? Huh! I am convinced! Shut Up and take my money!
A dreadnought like that is worth the 40-50 Euros investment but I was having this AOBR dread for so many years that I thought it would be a waste of resources (aka money) to give away. So I did this little conversion out of sprues. Now it doesnt look so plain!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Grey Knights : Librarian

I wanted a Librarian for my Grey Knight army.The Terminator model is really awesome but I really hated the original stuff the model holds, so I swaped it for a force sword to increase the survivability of the Librarian. I also hated the head. I used a spare grey knight power armoured helmet. I am sure this model will see a lot of use in the future.I hope you like it!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Who's better to lead my new sniper squad than Sgt Telion himself?So I painted the sergeant to match his scout charges guiding them in the hellish desserts of Armaggeddon. But Telion is an Ultramarine. Hmm from now on mine will be named Sgt Draco Kyrion.
For one more time stupidity struck me. The model is out of metal and the head and bolter of Kyrion was in a seperate sprue. Well I managed to lose the sprue so I had to swap both with what you see. Not so bad of a result eh?
Also, my SternGuard Squad has a new Veteran .Now the said squad is 5 Astartes strong.
I hope you like them both

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Salamanders Snipers

The first five Snipers are ready. I bought the models in Athens and glued them. Unfortunatly I forgot to glue the lences from the Night Vission Goggles the models had and now that I am in Crete I had to impovise. So, without NVGs I painted that section like normal balistic goggles. In transit I lost a head too. So again I improvised (you can't call it a conversion really) and glued in place a naked space marine head. Now where are the other metalic models?

Monday, 6 February 2012

Lord Kaldor Draigo.

Ahhh. I never thought that a day wouldl come that I wouldl miss the metal models !And so that day came when I first saw a (fail)cast model. No matter how much I love the company as a Gamer/Painter/Collector I find it difficult to convice myself to buy again a finecast product.
Here is Draigo. When I first opened its package I had to clean so many parts, to fill so many gaps, to file/fill bubbles before undercoating the model. A whole adventure by its self! Then undercoating was bad too. I had to undercoat over and over again just to make the paint stay in place. Worse yet, the sword arm was completely ruined. The storm bolter was pressed so much that no matter how I tried I couldn't save it, so I glued a plastic sword arm to get over it.
After all this battle I have these results to show. 
Next Grey Knight update will be a Librarian, a ten man purifier squad and a strom raven. See you.

Ps.Damn these pictures look crappy indeed!!!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Salamanders Sniper Scouts in desert camo

No that isn't what you think.This models are the first two of the Salamanders Scout Squad I want for my Salamander's army. I tried for a desert camo, after all Armaggeddon is a dry place, but ...something seems amiss! Oh well, I hope the next two will look better!