Sunday, 1 September 2013


With the secrets about the new Space Marine Codex soon to be revealed I decided to paint a new squad for my Dark Angels! As a man who can't keep his concetration for long I decided to sit back and leisurely paint a Command Squad for my boys in green.
The first model is a veteran with bolter! What makes this model special is that we are talking about a classic miniature! It's a metallic model out of production. I armed it with a bolter as I really want to play with this model as much as I can and a bolter wielding astartes is bound to be used a lot!
The Second is from the new range of citadel plastics! My Company Champion is wielding a power-sword taken from a spare Grey Knights sprue. Some filing and I was able to fit the Dark Angel combat shield quite nicely!
I hope you like them :)