Sunday, 6 March 2011

A lone Necron Destroyer.

A friend from the past this time.A Destroyer from the Necron range came to visit my PaintStation all the way back from 2004

This small model is the epitome of the word ''PLAIN'' i mean it was costing 50points to field one.Thats it.No upgrades , no characters , no differnt profiles.Simply a 50 points model.The painting was ''PLAIN'' too.I remember i painted a Necron Battleforce in a week.I just took a bright silver colour spray and that was all.I added some details (Eyes , a quick black was and a mithril silver drybrush) and i was done.

The modeling was a nasty work.The hands are not easily glued.The whole model is a problem to glue.I really hated the prospect of building more models.

So this model was siting on the White ''Models to Come'' Box along with a Necron Lord, a Necron Warrior Squad and 10 Immortals for some 6 whole years.This time I will give some more love to those models.

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