Saturday, 12 March 2011

Transition to Pistol

It was about time for me to paint something for my Empire army so I got my self a juicy box of HandGunners. I gave some more pose this time. The first one is a plain looking citizen firing his handgun. He is looking down his sights trying to make every shot ''count''. The other model (Lets call him Sam) is posed doing a ''transition to pistol''. Whats that?

Every Soldier worth his salt knows that in some occasions and especially in short range firefights when their riffles go ''click'' and with that I mean empty or even worse jam, it's way quicker to draw their pistol than try reloading in the middle of a firefight. This way they are still a deadly threat buying themselves precious time to find cover and reload or unjam their riffle relatively in safety.

So immagine for a momment, Sam and his buddies having fired their shots at the enemy charging unit. After the smoke clears he finds out that a single enemy survived his fusillade and he is ready to split his head in two. Calmly he lets the riffle sit on his shoulder and with his free hand he picks up his loaded pistol. He only has one shot. Will he make it? Will Sam and his buddies make it?

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