Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Angels Sanguine Land Raider

            I find really hard to make any army list without one or two or three of those armoured behemoths of war.Some are calling the Land Raider Class''A huge point sink'' or ''Firemagnet'' and other names inappropriate if you ask me.But, is a Land Raider worth your money and attention? I say YES!

           Fill a Land Raider with an Assault Squad with the mandatory Power Fist ielding Sergeant and a Sanguinary Priest with a power sword and you got your self a really compact force ready to take on every tactical challenge. Two twin Las cannons for Anti Tank purposes and 27 str 5.Int 5 , 3 str 8 and 4 str 5 power weapon hits from the squad inside can ruin the day of every Heretic out there.

           With that in mind I painted the second Land Raider of the force to accompany the second assault squad. Stay tuned everyone as the third Land Raider is on the painting station.

    • The Land Raider ''War Angel'' is a Phobos Class vehicle attached to the 4th Angels Sanguine Company
       Red is hell to take photos.
       All the Angels Sanguine Vehicles is a picture.The Razorbacks ''Black Death'' and ''Heartless'' the Land Raiders ''Rellentless Fury'' and ''War Angel'' the Storm Raven ''Blood of Martyrs'' and the Death Company Dreadnought ''Aggelos''


  1. Good job once more George!

    Love the freehand parts. It seems to mee that you are developing a decorative pattern of your own as time goes by :)

    -keep it up!

  2. That's very neat. I particullarly like the free hand and edge highlights. You know, I prefer tanks a bit dirtier but that's not for everyone.

    I think BA do LR spam very well because of the discount assault marines get for them. You can easily fit 5 of them in 1750 points. And their cargo can be quite deadly too.

  3. thanks a lot guys.
    LR spam huh?Hmmm why not?