Sunday, 29 May 2011

Death Company #10

Greetings friends, long time no see. I apologize for the lack of news from my part but sometimes things with my job go akward. Never mind I am back and it's time to paint some models.
This time it's a Death Company Astartes armed with an Inferno pistol. I'm really toying with the idea to begin a pure Death Company Roster and I think this to be a good start.

 Inferno Pistols are one of the unique wargear the Blood Angels and successor chapters employ. Costing the same points with a plasma pistol but lacking in range made it a hard choice to make when deciding between the two, but the IP has something that the PP hasn't, Str8 anf AP1 Melta characteristic. Instant Killing an Astartes Character or a Nob Biker is great but is more than that.The Death Company has already fearsome antipersonel capability, what it lacks is Antitank arsenal. Inferno Pistols come to cover this. Now, the Death Company can engage an Armoured Personel Carrier destroy it in the shooting phase and then slaughter the squad it carries in the assault phase, this a merit you can't miss!

 If you are watching this image in the field then you are certainly with the wrong side

 I think that the black highlighting job is getting better by the time.Thanks for watching


  1. Fearsome fellow,
    well done George, keep up the good work!

  2. Very nice, I like how you kept the highlights subtle. I think you should paint the vials around his waist a different colour though because they are a bit indistinguishable from the armour right now.

  3. i like what the death company can do, i don't think they are overpriced because if you wanted to include the bonuses they have to another unit you should had paid more in points by including a priest at 75p with his jump pack (for example).

    its just if they get themselves attacked by power weapons then its a disaster, you really need to be very careful with what you do with them.

    awesome paint job by the way!