Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Angels Sanguine Vanguard Veteran

                     While I paint a Bike squad I also put on my paintstation a Vanguard Veteran. I plan to arm these Astartes with a mix of exotic and standard issue weaponry, thus to be able to field different Veteran Sergeants or my Assault or Tactical Squads or if the need arises to field a Vanguard Veteran Squad.
                     This model is from the Vanguard Veterans range. It is made from metal of course, but I added a plastic Power Sword from the Space Wolves Sprue. I also used a Deathwatch Shoulder Guard to link the Wolve's Sword with the model. So, this Power Weapon can be a gift of thanks or a memento from a fellow Space Wolf Bottle Brother who served with him at Deathwatch.
A picture of the power sword.


  1. Very good, one of the best Angel Sanguine models I've seen from you this far.

  2. Looks amazing man.
    I'll be watching this blog closely for updates.
    That powersword looks immense.

  3. Nice work, the black and red together like that makes for a great looking color scheme.

    I painted a few Flesh Tearers the other week and there's just something cool looking about the black and red scheme.

    Ron, From the Warp

  4. @Antipope :Thank you mate.Your support is really a huge motivation.

    @Warflake: Please do Keep an eye for updates as new models are entering the PaintStation.Thank you.

    @Ron:I do agree.Black and Red is an amazing combination.

    For one more time a huge Thank you for your support.

  5. That's an amazing paintjob, the red/black/blue combination is exceptionally strong, and conceptualy appropriate for the project. These fellows are getting better and better in every new post!

    Each time I visit, the temptation of starting a Blood Angel oriented army grows stronger :)

    Keep it up my friend!