Saturday, 11 June 2011

Angels Sanguine Tactical Plasma Cannon

                   A plasma cannon armed Astartes is the last update for the Angels Sanguine Tactical Squad.

                   No matter how many free toys you can take for the Tactical Squad (Multi Melta, Missile Launchers, Heavy Bolter) a plasma cannon is always able to scare every single opponent. You see, Plasma Cannon is a Heavy Infantry Slayer (AP2), it scares the crap out of Terminators and Power Armoured models, but it does not end here. The ''Feel no Pain'' special rule is something really common for the Blood Angel Brethren out there. Plasma cannon is here to solve these problems for just 10 points. If you ask me its an investment worth taking/painting.

                     With the maximum range set on 36in Plasma Cannon is a medium range weapon.

                   Pick your targets carefully.The Plasma Cannons can't Instant kill an Astartes character.

                  A Small detail.The skull inside a black dot is the insignia of the 1st Squad of every Blood Angel and Succesor chapter company.

                  Thanks for watching and take care of your selves out there!