Sunday, 6 October 2013

Farsight Enclaves : Shas Vre Ob'lotai 9-0

Τhe Farsight Enclaves Supplement was a great motivation to cast aside the silent promise I made to my self to not buy the new XV88 model! I bought it promising my self again that this XV88 will be the first and the last to grace my paint station.This last promise was also really short lived! Modeling this new kit made me to change my mind again and bought 2 more! No, I can't make ANY promise that I will not paint another 6!!!

Ob'lotais suit is not manned by a veteran Tau pilot, but by a AI software (engram) progammed to act like the venerable pilot Ob'lotai, the Farsight's first Shas'Vre.

I really like this model and I don't regret the investment I made the least! I hope you all like it too!


  1. Lance yo.u are just jealous!Behave your self :p !!!

  2. Nice work!
    I was disappointed for a second but then discovered the smiley! I am getting addicted to it :D

  3. The smiley will stay on all battlesuits!Thank you Panagiotis!