Friday, 6 December 2013


In the recent Independ Club Tournament my XV88Broadside was the absolut best units for my army! I went with two units of three XV88s all armed with High Yeld Missile Pods and Early Warning Overide Pods.The first unit was also armed with Smart Missile Systems.The second was armed with Twin Linked Plasma Rifles! To make things even worse I gave my commander the Puretide Engram Neurochip wargear and I attached him in one of those units! It worked well, really well! So now that I have some extra time I will upgrade the paintjob of the second unit !Here is the first model!


  1. I always have a 3 suit squad with HYML , seeker missiles and smart missiles. They are a bit expensive but my goodness the fun I have with them. I usually take a commander with drone controller, give him Iridium armour, a shield drone (in case he gets hit with an instant death) a marker drone and attach him to s squad of usually 6 marker drones. In this way I can usually strip away all cover saves from the enemy and increase the B/S of the unit shooting at them. It is even better if you can put darkstrider into the shooting squad because of his ability to give a -1 to the opponents toughness.

    1. WOW !!!Can you really do that?I mean attaching a Commander with Drones to a Drone Squad?