Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Friend from the past.

This particular post is for the TAU. A dynamic army that is not lightning fast as the eldars, or sturdy and forgiving like Space Marines and Necrons, nor numerus like the Imperial Guard. It is an army thats rewards commanders skilled in combined arms tactics and fluid gamestyle.
Indeed a Tau commander has to know where to strike with overwhelming firepower and when to run shamelessly for his life. He has to know his opponent too becouse a slight mistake to target priority can easy spell his doom. Sure the empty Land Raider is an excellent target, but if you let this Assault Squad roam through your defence lines it will be your end. I really enjoy playing this Warhammer 40.000 race for this very reason.

The models are great too. For an Otaku like my self the XV8 Crisis suits and Gunships is a pleasure to paint while watching the ‘’Full Metal Panic’’ Anime Series. Beautifull, clean lines and flat surfaces can turn  grey frames to a really nice tabletop quality army with very basic painting tecniques.
But this model is special for me for an extra reason. This particular XV88 Broadside suit is used 3rd hand and has on its plastic body the remains of 4 different and ovelapping paint schemes.When i took it from my ‘’FAILED PROJECTS’’ box i was an intch away throwing it away .The model didn’t have a head. It was broken from the base section and armless.Thankfully i found an SMS set of hands (I did model another XV88 with T-L plasma rifles using the plastic hands, please look at the post on 12/07/2010 for more
> details) and i used a spare head taken from the XV8 Crisis commander sprue.I pinned the model on its base and Voila.
The painting was problematic too. I had to basecoat the model with thin coats of Shadow grey. It was a lot of work to cover all the model’s previous paint but rewarding never the less. Now I' m some euros richer and i am sure that I can recover more models from my ‘’FAILED PROJECTS‘’ box to the tabletop. I Encourage everyone to spend some time and repaint your models if you think that now your painting skilsl are better. It's cheap, it's fun and if done right it's rewarding in its own right.
(You see, I still believe that beautifully painted models have more luck when the dice roll!)

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