Sunday, 9 January 2011

Α not so Grey ...Knight!

Something different this time. My previous try at a Grey knight model was disastrous for my pride. No matter the attempt  the results weren't satisfactional for me (Please look at the post 1/12/2010). So I picked up another model from the ''Failed Project Box'' and I came up with something different. It wasn't so difficult, but I like the results.Who knows, maybe I will make a 1500 list for them.

A Land Raider, 5 Terminators, 3 full Power armoured squads and a dreadnought are surely not a competitive list but a nice addition for apocalypse games against a Chaos Marine or a Daemon opponent.  


  1. And with the grey knights on the verge of getting their own codex soon it will surely be a competitive list in the near future! ;)

    Great jod surely something different!!

  2. That's a very good metallic effect on the armour, keep up the good work!