Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Dark Eldar Combat Squad (five models)

I finished this small squad  in no time. Unlike many of my other projects the DarK Eldar one is unique. You see I want to play NOW, so i hope in April to have a full 1750p Army assembled, painted, based ready to roll.
So with speed in mind I based my scheme to something simple but ellegant, something easy but not messy. Something to be of tabletop quality but not the ugly models I have witnessed in some tournament.
Thus, I chose Silver.
The painting is simple, quick and effective.
A couple coats of chainmail silver, a wash of Babad Black and some mithril silver highlights for the armour.
The undersuit is plain black.
The base is drybrushes of Adeptus Battle Gray, Codex Gray, Astronimican Gray with some broken space wolves equipment.
It takes no time to get a squad ready. Here are a shot of the finished product.


  1. Hi, I don't see any pictures here.

  2. It's cool now. As you said, they look much simpler than your other stuff but it would look okay on the tabletop. Speed is of essence!