Monday, 17 January 2011

Multy Melta from Above.

A land speeder is a great asset for every Space Marine Commander. The main advantage in having a Land Speeder in your roster is that you can apply reliable Anti Tank Firepower at very low cost. This low pointwise cost is what helps a Land Speeder survive the battles. No one wants to spend the Las Cannon shots he's got to down a 60point model. Even with this high str. weapon the destruction of a speeder is not guaranted. If your opponent's result is miss to-hit rolls or a crew stunned or crew shaken then for them is a waste of fire power and for you is a double gain.
1.The land speeder is still a threat
2.The missed shot didn't go to a more pricey unit like a predator or razorback.
That's why a land speeder must be cheap. I arm mine with only a Multy Melta and a Heavy Flamer. Both twin linked in a space marine army commanded by Vulcan Hestan. Excellent for Tank Hunting or Anti Light Infatry roles.
Don't be afraid to play aggresively with your Speeders after all it's just 70 points.
Happy Hunting.

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