Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ιn Vulcan's Name.

This model is one of my favourites. Yes, I really do loath the metallic models for a number of reasons!

The conversion work is difficult and the fact that I have to use super glue to glue anything gives me second and third in a matter of fact thoughts, to buy, paint and convert any metallic model.

But some models are exceptions! Models like this, with rich iconography, adorned in purity seals, dramatic stances (well not so tactically correct, but who gives a damn), bolter toting warrior fanatics who give character to your army.

Yes brothers and sisters Astartes outhere.You can easily convert a decent plastic SternGuard Veteran. It's cheaper, easier to convert and paint, but if you want your force to shine like a Teleport Beacon on the tabletop of the far future your army needs character, a character that only metal models like this one can give.

Another reason for some of us to bother painting those pewter annoying models is the fact that we are collectors. Aye, not only gamers and painters, but collectors too. The endless search for a specific, out of production model for a particular squad we are building is like the quest for the Holy Grail (Oups that was pretty dramatic). Searching on Ebay or asking friends, visiting isolated gaming stores for some vaulted stock reminds me of the Quest of Forgefather Vulcan He'Stan for the lost relics of his Primarch.

So, if you happen to have a friend collecting Space Marines and you find in your spare box an old model don't be so quick to throw it back. Drop your friend a line he will appreciate it.

By the way, this lovely gentleman will be Veteran SGT Chronus. This model will be the beginning of the second Salamander Tactical Squad. Do I need to explain the reason of his Combi Melta?

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