Monday, 28 March 2011

A crusher with Extra ''Tallents''

The Ogres BattleForce is an ideal way to start an Ogre's Kingdom Army. It gives you a regiment of 6 Bulls with full comand, a regiment of 4 IronGuts with full command also, a regiment of 4 LeasBelchers and a Gnoblar regiment. A great value for points box.

Of cource with it you get dozens of small bits to customize your own models and give character to your regiments.

So let me introduce you to my Bull's Regiment Crusher, Mr Male. The A Male! Mr A male as his name suggests is the one who mates with the female Ogres. He is the pretty boy (If you can call an Ogre pretty that is) who mates with the widows of the Ogres who died in battle or hunt. This helps the tribe to grow when a raid doesn't go so well. With this role on the tribe society the males don't have to fight over the females of the late slain Ogres and this way the loss doesn't increase.

Mr Male has to protect his pretty face in order to be desireable. So, when he goes to war he is clad with a fine and rust-free Helmet in order to avoid Face-scars that will ruin his image. Also, he protects his genitals with a clean Gutplate.You see, Mr A Male is good as far his ''talents'' are intact. His private Gnoblars are taking great care of this particular wargear keeping it clean (The fear of an infection is great).

The rest of his weapons are not so important to his role as A Male so it can be as rustfull as the rest of its tribe.

So that was Mr A Male! His Helmet is a spare helmet from the IronGuts sprue.

This Tatoo signifies his role in the Tribe.

His Gutplate has some extra chainmail armour to better protects his "talents".


  1. Crusher? I hardly know 'er!

    Funny stuff, good example of how you don't have to be an HQ/Hero to have a story.

  2. Thank you Son of Taurus.I think that Ogres are a great project to invest to fluff and back stories.