Sunday, 27 March 2011

Brettonians an old Project with strange Fluff.

Αnother long forgoten project this time, Brettonians. I own a largre and greatly unpainted army. I had painted few models but I was not pleased with the result. I put the project ''on hold'' for a couple of years and I came up with this painted pegasus knight today.

I am pleased with the results but I found out in despair that I don't remember where the shields are.

For all of you who are familiar with the Warhammer 40.000 lore I am sure that you know the Dark Angels Heresy. You know that when the Primarch Lion el Johnson returned from the great crusade he was met not in glory but with missiles. The gods of chaos in order to save the traitor Dark Angel companies teleported them and scattered them in space and time.

So here is my fluff, a Dark Angel Traitor Company born and bred in Caliban, old brothers of the ''Order''. After the destruction of the planet Caliban the Dark gods teleported them in the planet of the WarHammer Fantasy World. The company kept the old colours of the order's ''Dark Green'' and the old livery. Now this Company of Astartes serves as an elite strike force under the orders of the Brettonian King.

So, the Knights of the realm and the Pegasus Knights will be clad in the Dark Angels Green and the Heroes and Grail Knight will be clad in Black.

I know full well that an army looking like that will be an eyesore for every Fluff-Nazzi Geek out there but I think I' ll manage.

More details about the Fluff as i paint and present more models.

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