Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Grey Knight Paladin Squad.

The first half of the Grey Knight Project is over. The first squad of 10 paladins armed with 4 

Psycannons and accompanied by an Apothecary. I really enjoy this small project of 20 models 

and I am thankful for those excellent plastic models. .The project is still in full progress. As you 

read these words five more Grey Knight Paladis are in the "work in progress" phase. Keep in 

touch everyone. I have a blast of good time.


  1. they look marvelous, you would be glad to see that they also were quite effective on the battlefield too in the last tourney.

  2. Stunning job.. At last the squad in all it's glory!

  3. Thanks a lot guys.I only hope to finish the whole project till the middle of October,